Friday, January 26, 2007

Basic Writing

Basic writing is the bare bones of written communication. Tear off the complex flesh of analysis and abstract thought, and you have basic writing. Many people struggle with self expression due to a number of reasons: lack of confidence, lack of skill, or fear of putting themselves "out there." As a teacher, I most often encounter those individuals who feel inferior in expressing thoughts, and especially opinions. As if what they have to say has little influence on society.

Mike Rose's interview with Bill Moyers provides an important message in that many students feel left out of the writing process, and we as teachers must make students feel welcome to share their views. For most individuals, writing ability is left to sit stagnate - untapped - until someone comes along to unleash the flood of raw emotion that is within all of us. Making language and expression fun will produce confident, passionate writers who take pride and ownership in their writing. Mr. Rose's "power of invitation" has really left an impression on me in that it has made me think about those students who feel like they have nothing of significance to contribute, and what means I may use to change this perception.

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Reader1 said...

It's nice to hear from teachers. You have a realsitic, practical view of the classroom that is nice to tap in on.